Trip Time Tool

This interactive tool allows users—an unemployed worker or a workforce career counselor, for example—to estimate the preparation time required to transition from one occupation to another. "Trip time," while measured in hours of academic, technical or vocational training, is a relative measure to provide one with an estimate of the relative ease or difficulty of moving from one type of job to another. The trip-time method, in effect, compares the similarity of education and training between occupations.
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Type in the job title of the current occupation:
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Enter a desired annual wage:
Select a state to highlight high wage/high demand jobs:

Quick Steps To Use This Tool:
  1. Type in current/previous job "title" and choose (click on) a best match "official" title for that job (required)
  2. Type in current or optimal salary (required). The search won't return jobs that earn significantly less than the annual wage you enter here.
  3. Select a state (optional)

How can you use the resulting list of occupations?

The trip time is a relative measure to help weigh alternatives. A user can select either a long list of potential occupations or a short list of occupations by clicking on the differently colored tabs.

  • You'll see a list appear after you click "submit." These are occupations with the least amount of trip time (in terms of skills attainment) from your current job to this "destination" job.
  • The first tab shows occupations for which you may have a head startthe trip time is shortest. The other tabs have occupations ranging from short to long trip times.
  • For a brief description of the occupation title, click on the "Detail" link.
  • For more information about the destination occupation (e.g., whether the job is in high demand or is considered a green job), click on the actual occupation title to get a report.


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